Easter is almost here and so The Buzz contributors have come up with five ideas each of how to spend your spare time. They are sggesting five key things to do or see, or watch. or listen to or visit during this holiday period. Read the rest of this entry »


By Frankie Koehler

If I were to tell you something unreal, would you call me a liar? What if the aim of the fib was to make you like me better? What if it were just a mere adjustment to the truth to make me look “cooler”? Would you still call me a liar? Yes? Well what if it were you lying to impress me, would you be counted as a liar? No? Well we’re doing the same thing so what makes it any different? Read the rest of this entry »

by Michael Goode

The total university funding taken from the government will be reduced by nearly £500million pounds this year it has been announced. This is one of many cuts that recently have been unveiled and probably the first wave of cuts which are likely to be more severe after the election. Read the rest of this entry »

By Frankie Koehler

Sweaty palms? Nervous twitches? Blushing cheeks? Every time we see that one special person, we are overwhelmed by reactions such as these. Whether that special person is just a crush or perhaps something more; they jellify your knees, and they give you butterflies in your stomach and you don’t know why. Read the rest of this entry »

By Frankie Koehler

Was it the way they looked at you? Their constant chattering in your ear? Or perhaps it was the complete opposite which got your mind questioning this person’s feelings. Maybe the feeling is mutual or maybe it isn’t; but either way you want ways to tell if this person fancies you, right? Read the rest of this entry »

By Isaac Lee

Peter Symonds triumphed over King Edward VI in the Hampshire Under 18s Rugby Cup Final.

In a tight, low-scoring game, these local rivals played in front of the largest Symonds crowd of the season in horrible conditions at the Winchester RFC grounds. Symonds scored in the first half of a physical game and their drift defence held on to the lead despite a late surge from King Edward’s. The final 10-0 score does not do justice to the midfield battling from both sides.

Bad conditions from the start bogged the game down and most of it was played in the middle of the pitch. Peter Symonds hooker and man of match Alex Martin told The Buzz after the match that “KES were really physical and good in the ruck, it was a very tightly contested game dominated by forwards.” Indeed the only try was scored by Myles Roberts-Bailey in a quick breakaway after half an hour.

The match was filled with handling errors and mistakes as both teams struggled to dominate in the muddy, wet and slippery conditions, and the winger capitalised on a rare passage of passing along the line to run up the wing and touch down in the left corner.

If Symonds just shaded the first half, the second was even tighter, the only points coming from a Tom Humberstone penalty 10 minutes from time. The wet surface and mistakes meant penalties were at a premium. Perhaps a tactical error from King Edwards, they declined to kick theirs.

A late period of pressure from KES in an attempt at a late smash and grab came to nothing as Symonds held firm to bring the trophy back in what captain Zach Kinnaird called “a good win, really fantastic”.

The win was particularly sweet for coach Mike Marchant, playing on his home ground who said afterwards that it was “good to be on the winning side”. Marchant also highlighted the quality of the Winchester players involved and pointed out the strength of the area in rugby terms, so look forward to many more successes.

By Kirstie Dyke

Nowadays, a common choice for students leaving college is to take a year out before moving onto the next stage of their lives, whether that is university, full time employment or one of the other many options that every student has. Once you’ve decided to take a gap year, suddenly you’re faced with a whole plethora of new options – how to fill the 12 months ahead. Here we talk through the positive and negative aspects of travelling or making trips within your gap year. Read the rest of this entry »

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