Holocaust survivor talks

Posted on: 02/12/2008

Holocaust survivor talks

Written by Emma Waller

Josef Perl, one of the last holocaust survivors. These words sound touching when you read them, but to watch, hear and feel them is something so surreal, you can only ponder the extent of the horror and adventure being presented.

A Czechoslovakian man came to share his story at Peter Symonds this November, and with the Science Lecture Theatre bursting with students (something never seen before) he succeeded.

Josef recounted his story of how he went from an innocent young boy, to a terrified escapee of the death camps (yes, more than one). I think everyone in the room, no matter how sensitive they perceived themselves to be, could not tear their eyes from this incredible man. Albeit, on prejudice first appearances, he did seem more intent on publicising his book (‘Faces in the Smoke’) than telling us about history.

But, as soon as he began his story of how his life was destroyed, not by nature but by man, you couldn’t escape a feeling of admiration because of his determination to survive and promote this injustice.

No matter how much you think you know of the history of the Nazis; you can definitely learn more by just listening to a man who can recount how brutally he was treated; because you can no longer imagine this happened to more than one man. It does not seem possible.

If you get a chance to hear Josef speak, I think and I hope I speak for all of Symonds’ students when I say, don’t miss it.

Did you attend the talk? What was your impression? Add your comments below.


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