Ben Moncrieffe – biography

Posted on: 03/12/2008

I began life as Batman, well a small boy in Batman pyjamas. See when you’re little that’s ok. Everyone says, “Aww, that’s cute” now when I wear my Batman pyjamas they just say, “What the hell are you doing, you look like an idiot!” Why is this? It’s just one of life’s many questions.

I have quite a few goals in life and one of them is to get Batman pyjamas back in to fashion. Another is to pass my A’levels in English, History and Classics, and to get in to Cardiff University to study Ancient History. Well, if I get the grades that is. I also have a huge interest in formula one which I never miss and this often comes out in my writing. I hope to be a journalist after uni; you could say that I’m already half way there. But I’m not getting paid, and Batman pyjamas still aren’t fashionable.


3 Responses to "Ben Moncrieffe – biography"

I will pay you to wear batman pyjamas for the WHOLE WEEK of italy. we should negotiate a price and conditions. I think the pictures would be good. xxx

hahahaha Ben you’re really funny

ily x

No, what are you saying?

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