Emma Ede – biography

Posted on: 03/12/2008

Hi… Well, I’m Emma, and I worked on last year’s magazine as well as this, though I doubt anyone really read that. I’m writing mainly because I like to, and I might as well let people read it. I tend to write slightly irreverent, sometimes sarcastic commentaries on things going on at the moment, so feel free to email me (eede7& and tell me I’m wrong, give me arguments against, and generally shout at me. Or agree with me, but I feel that’s much less likely. 

I’m not going to bore you with what subjects I’m taking or what I want to do in the future,  because I’m pretty sure I’d bore myself as well. I can tell you that I think I’m pretty fun, but then I would!

Honestly, I don’t really know what to write here – so I hope you enjoy reading the magazine!


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