Emma Waller – biography

Posted on: 03/12/2008

Hello! My name is Emma Waller, I’m studying A2 English Lit, Classics and History. Some would say I’m a little bit too enthusiastic about the following: playing basketball, playing drums/guitar and pretending to be intellectual by going to the theatre (well, once or twice…and by theatre I mean gigs). I will admit to watching Hollyoaks and Friends in excess; but I maintain that those programmes are horrifically and uncontrollably addictive. Finally, I love to read and write; so quite aptly, I’m going to study English Lit and American Studies at university!


2 Responses to "Emma Waller – biography"

mmmm friends in excess….. MMMMMM! quoting episodes on tap….not excessive…. sorry its all for our entertainment so I shall stop mocking. LOVE YOU EMMA!!!! XXX YOU ROCK

You forgot neighbours aswell !

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