Fashion show

Posted on: 03/12/2008

Review of Fashion Show 

Venue: Peter Symonds College, Performing Arts Theatre

November 20, 2008.

Rating: **** 

Written by Isaac Lee

I was impressed by the effectiveness of Symonds’ multi-cultural show in demonstrating the different traditions and ethnicities here. A very colourful show was put on, quite unexpected was the participation of two girls of African origin and traditional African dress. I found this a neat touch which added flavour to the show. Overall the show achieved its aim of highlighting the diversity at the college.  

The fashion show kick started with some more contemporary dress, some pieces you might see out and about on a Friday night, not too extravagant but still quite showy. We also saw some traditional Chinese dresses and traditional Indian and Bengali costumes. These seemed to be the showpiece, with several of varying colours and styles coming in quick succession. One which really caught the eye was Mo’s black robes and white scarf, proving once again that simplicity can win a lot of votes. Another particularly nice item was a purple traditional Chinese gown, quite a number if you’re looking to impress at a more formal occasion.

And in the middle of the show we saw two African dresses, complete with water pots. So if anyone is heading off to the African continent and needs some summer clothing – look no further. Very different from everything else on offer I am still struggling to decide their merit, not being an expert on African dress. It was, none-the-less a colourful addition and a counter balance to the large amount of Asian outfits.  
On the whole a successful show, and there were some very nice items. Although it lacked a professional feel that was probably to its advantage as it highlighted more the togetherness in Symonds, despite difference in skin colour, culture and belief. The show was carried through by the character of the clothing and the models’ willingness to get out there and show off ‘themselves’.

Because in many cases the costumes come part and parcel with a religious persuasion, all this is part of what makes each person different. This was perhaps the finale of Diversity Week, and it was a fitting end. 

Did you see the show? What did you think about it? Do you agree with Isaac? Add your comments below.


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