Isaac Lee – biography

Posted on: 03/12/2008

Hi all.
I’m Isaac, I’m a BBC. For those who don’t know, this means British Born Chinese. I was born in the City of Southampton, in Princess Anne Hospital, at 10pm on September 6, 1991. I’m 17, currently in my 1st year of college. My aspiration is to become a journalist.

I’m a pretty average guy, about 5”8’, black hair, brown eyes. I enjoy a good party; nights in or out are cool. I’m partial to a good film if the mood is right. Food is half of my life, the other half is sleep (but I still don’t get enough of it). I like sports, although I’m not doing any sport seriously at the moment, I play tennis, football, badminton… to be honest, you name it, and I’ll try it! Oh and I like writing. I’m an easy going guy, open and honest, and I laugh way too much.


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