Others’ emotional baggage

Posted on: 03/12/2008

A story written by ‘Mathew Bishop’

And as another weekend appears, so does another teenage house party. This time it was Jo’s. Her parents were around, in-fact they encouraged us to “drink safely indoors”. Sure we’re 17 and that’s sorta illegal, but they drink at 14 in France. Who says we have it correct over here? 

I hung around outside waiting for Mary, my girlfriend for those not in the know, to appear. When she did turn up. she was late, and she didn’t look happy to see me. I got a D grade in Communication Studies, so I’m qualified to read human body language. 

All I said was “Hey, what’s up”, and I get a lecture about “how periods are the chains on woman’s feet”, and that as a man “I’d never understand the complexity of ovulation”. 

“Chicken’s lay eggs everyday”, I mentioned, “and you don’t hear them complain”. 

She just looked at me, with those puffed out cheeks, flared nostrils, and the look in the  eyes which say “I can’t believe you just said that”. See, my D came into play there. 

In hindsight, that was stupid. You don’t disagree with her. You just don’t. If you do, well you’ll find out why your opinion is wrong. I don’t mind. I’ve been taking it for months. That’s what love really is though, moulding to their needs to fit in with them. It may seem silly, but it works, because I know she loves me too. 

The rest of the night seemed to go without anything else going out of place. I managed to finish my Baileys, Diana made a bottle of vodka disappear, and fiveteen minutes later, managed to make it reappear. Silly girl. 

Why do people drink Vodka? It’s just like rubbing alcohol, except with a pretty bottle. It burns your tongue and just makes you drunker, quicker. Enjoy your poison I say. 

I got to spend some time with Mary. Not to put too much gratuitous detail into it, as after all I am a gentleman, and this is on the internet. We both had a good time. Surely a home-run is just round the corner. 

Simon lives on the other side of town than us, so he spent the night at Mary’s. Me and Pete decided to walk home, as it’s not too far away. He went one way, and I scuttled along the other. Walking though a city on a Tuesday night, even one as tiny as Winchester, is an odd experience. So much is going on. Drunks stumbling out of pubs, narrowly missing cars. Gangs of Chavs roaming the streets with the idea they’re “ard”. I would never test that idea myself, but when I’m locked in my room and under my duvet, I can laugh at them. Quietly. 

I managed to get home in one piece, somehow. I don’t seem to remember parts of the trip, so it felt like a record time. In the morning, when I got back into conciousness, I found I had been cuddling something all night. Turns out, my new companion was a small traffic cone. Technically, I’m a criminal, but unless anyone can recognise the cone in a line up, I’m off scott free. I made sure I had a good wash. Who knows where that thing’s been. 

Met up with Mary and Simon in town, who seem to be in a pretty funny mood with each other. We had a debate about all sort of low level things, such as Skins and Communism, They didn’t believe that the latter would really work. However, as a Communist myself, I know it does work. However, Mary and (surprisingly) Simon are too blind to see this. If they are a general slice of humanity however, then I guess we’re all doomed. 

Besides, what makes them think they deserve an opinion? 

As Mary left for home (she had work), me and Simon had a talk. Turns out he’s doing alright. He’s just currently feeling slightly down at the moment, but it’s hard to tell with him though. 

You see, that’s his gift and his curse. He doesn’t really have emotions. I don’t mean that like he’s shallow, like one of those plastics wondering around in their River Island clothes. It’s just that he seems to be someone who will never really be high or low. I’m glad I don’t have that, else I’d never experience the highs that I now feel day to day.  

But why should I bother how he feels? I’m happy, he’s not. Not my problem. I’m just busy being my perfect self at the moment.


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this is so annoying i want to punch you right in the veins.

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