Student discounts

Posted on: 03/12/2008

Written by Ben Moncrieffe

I would class myself as a student. I have little or no money, I quite enjoy a pot noodle and I have been known on occasion to have a pint while still in bed. So you can imagine my absolute disgust when the lady in HSBC said: “Sorry, you don’t qualify as a student quite yet.”

I almost fainted. How dare she tell me I wasn’t yet a student. All I wanted was to get rid of my Solo debit card and get a Maestro or Visa Electron.

My problem is that some shops in the high street and online don’t accept Solo cards, how annoying! So off I went to HSBC to ask for something else, but no, I have to wait until I’m in uni to get one. You can imagine how disappointed, the usually reliable ‘local bank’ had let me down.

I felt crushed and annoyed, so I went to the Abbey to see what they could offer. Luckily they managed to cheer me up, a short man with big glasses said: “We offer a Visa Electron debit card!” I was suddenly filled with deep jubilation. So I filled out a short form and they said they would ring me the next day.

This whole episode got me thinking. Credit crunch or not, we as students deserve our discounts. It’s our right to have them and I think every shop should offer to give them. Food wise, we all know the college canteen is on the expensive side, and if you have time, why not trudge to Boots in town. For £2.99 you can get any sandwich a snack with a drink. The sandwiches are really nice, and sometimes contain three!

Students are always out of credit but don’t worry, Vodafone has a solution! If you top up just £5 you get free unlimited texts every weekday evening. Then if you top up £10 you get free unlimited texts every weekday evening, and all weekend. Then finally if you top up £30 (I know it’s a lot but…) you get free unlimited texts all day everyday.

Keep asking for discounts, even if they don’t do it, you haven’t lost any money. If you find any, share it!

What is your experience of student discounts? Do you recommend any good ones available in Winchester? Add your comments below.


5 Responses to "Student discounts"

My brother isn’t at uni, and i don’t know whether that makes a difference, but he’s 19, 20 in feb, and he went to switch his solo card over as well, and he was told you have to have a constant amount of money in there (at least something like £500+) all the time before he can be considered for the card because that shows he’s obviously earning enough money or something. So they advised him as a young adult to get a CREDIT CARD so he would have more of something (I can’t remember what it was called) so yeah banks are pretty horrible. That was Natwest btw.
Sorry if that makes no sense but long and short of it, they advised him to get in debt rather than only spend what you’ve got. No wonder we’re in a recession if banks have been telling people all the same!

I think student discounts are really handy, but to be fair 10% is NOTHING,so I think it should be raised between 15-20% and that should be the shops choice and I think it should be law for every shop to offer student discount, and not just on thursdays (aka USC).
However, I can see why some shops don’t offer student discount because I know ex-students who still use their cards for discount, and my mum asks me to buy stuff for her using my student discount. I think I can say student discount a few more times.

Sorry to rant! xxx

The really annoying student discount issue is New Look. Last year, they told me that they could only take student cards with expiry dates. Conveniantly, last year, Symonds stopped issuing expiry dates on their cards.
I went in a few weeks ago and they again refused my student card, telling me that they will only take cards issued in September 2008. So I argued that they wouldn’t do that last year for our cards! Apparently they don’t understand that we go to Symonds for two years. New Look is the only shop I’ve had a problem with. You’d think, it being in Winchester, they’d understand and would let us get our discount.

I am considering “losing” my student card and going to get a new one from student services. That way, I won’t be denied my discount next time I want to go to New Look.

rant over 🙂

Completely agree with Steph here, as New Look seems to be one of the most problematic shops regarding discounts.. I mean, the girl who served me pointed out that yes, she realised that Symonds’ cards don’t have an expiry date, as she has recently left the college, but nevertheless refused to give me a discount.

Also, you would think that shops such as River Island would acknowledge the need and the benefits of offering a discount to students in their stores. But sadly, they dont.

I also attempted to apply for a 16-25 railcard, and was confused as to why i couldn’t, being 18 and all…

..apparently you have to be a uni student. Now, please enlighten me on the amount of 16 year old uni students you know…?!

hey zoe and steph 😀
love you both

You don’t have to be a uni student for a 16-25 railcard. You don’t even have to be a student, provided you are under 25: it’s is only over 25s who have to prove that they are in full time education.

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