The Mighty Boosh Live Show

Posted on: 03/12/2008

The Mighty Boosh Live Show

Three of our reviewers saw The Mighty Boosh Live Show at Portsmouth Guild Hall on November 10-11. Here are their opinions.

Rating: ***

Honestly, I thought Noel Fielding and Julian Barrett’s comic duo was a little disappointing, especially considering how good their TV series and last live show was. As ever their dual stand up as Vince Noir and Howard Moon was funny, but there just wasn’t enough of it.

 Instead they chose to play some of their old songs for most of the gig, which are ok for two minutes an episode, but they’re not exactly famous for their music and I paid £25 for them to make me laugh, not wince. When they weren’t doing that they were bringing in guests from the series, like the Crack Fox and Tony Harrison, who didn’t really crack any good jokes either.

However, it picked up in the second half, when the twosome did a lot more of what they’re good at. And most people in the theatre seemed to be loving it throughout, so it could just be that my 50-year-old’s mentality is dribbling through again.

 James Bunyan

Rating: ****

As I made my way to my seat, I was struck by what a phenomenon the Boosh has become. There were some very impressive efforts at dressing up as the various different characters – the man sitting behind me was even singled out by Noel Fielding himself. The show was very entertaining and had some particularly unforgettable costumes (I don’t think I will ever forget Julian Barrett sporting what was essentially a potato sack).

However, the real comedy lay in the Fielding-Barrett double act. They stood in front of the curtain during scene changes, and their seemingly improvised conversations were hilarious. A highlight of the evening came when Fielding was dealing with some of Portsmouth’s finest hecklers. “Usually, people clap when something’s funny”, he told them, grinning. “But just then, that was a clap of hate. The whole audience hates you.” Funnily enough, he didn’t get a reply.

Rosie Wilson

Rating: ****

So, we’ve got a giant inflatable eel the size of a double-decker bus, a make-shift glam rock band and two awkward but albeit fascinating men on Portsmouth Guildhall stage… it’s a combination that only two sublime comedians could conjure. Seeing the outrageous Noel Fielding and the mysterious Julian Barratt on tour provided me with same surreal sense of comedy I’d seen on TV; there were all the flamboyant characters I could want, such as the green man/woman ‘Old Greg’ and the ridiculously inappropriate Bob Fossil (yes.. hyper middle-aged man bursting out of shiny Lycra from all angles).

However, the ‘live experience’ is just so much better, because you can share these bizarre moments with hundreds of other adults, all transfixed by a duo who only had to pull out a rap about soup and croutons to get their unmitigated approval. I’m not personally a fan of cults, but I couldn’t help but approve of the hundreds (literally) who walked through the streets of Portsmouth dressed up as cats with needle hands, pink heads with tentacles and gorillas; very brave.

Emma Waller



1 Response to "The Mighty Boosh Live Show"

Hey again! I thought you’re reviews were all really good insights into the duo act live. I can see how the act may not push as many buttons as their tv series does because obviously they have more props at their disposal! I’ve not seen them live and I only watch the show every so often, but I suspect I’d find the costumes funny enough to see them live, let alone have them there! Noel Fielding was HILARIOUS on the Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2006 (many a time ago) hosted by jimmy car. I recommend watching it, it’s not as good as the follow up in 2007 though 😦 xxx

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