A student guide to a perfect Valentine’s Day

Posted on: 11/02/2009

By Laura Macri

So Valentine’s Day is coming up again and you’re a student i.e. broke.

You want to impress the one you love but how do you manage it successfully on a tight budget? I’ve come up with some top tips to help you plan a perfect Valentine’s Day surprise that is guaranteed to go down a treat. Firstly you need to consider the card. Obviously there’s a plentiful selection of ready-made cards waiting to be taken off the shelf that aren’t too expensive. Or for those of you who believe yourself to be artistic after all those years of watching Art Attack, why not whip out the scissors and Prit-stick and create your own? It is a win-win situation – you appear to be kind and thoughtful but best of all, you haven’t spent a penny. 

A tip for the lads – flowers, a girl always loves them and as you know the bigger the better. The first place that springs to mind would be a florist where you can create your own bunch, picking out her favourite flowers that you know will be a hit. However, the florist can sometimes be a little on the expensive side so for you lads with nothing but pennies in the pocket why not stop off at Tesco when you’re next filling up your tank? Good old Tesco can always be relied upon to provide a colourful array of beautiful flowers that won’t leave you walking home from the petrol station.  

Then there’s the obvious gesture of taking your loved one out for a romantic meal. It doesn’t have to be too extravagant, if you spend a few minutes looking on the net you can find all sorts of deals. For example, at Pizza Express you can book the three-course Valentine’s menu with olives, nuts and a glass of Italian wine for only £18.95. Or why not re-enact ‘The Lady and The Tramp’ scene, with a large platter of spaghetti to share? You can buy a ready-made sauce to pop in the microwave and fresh spaghetti that just needs to be boiled in a pan of water for only a few minutes and hey-presto, a delicious meal for two. What could be easier?

Or if you really don’t feel brave enough to test out your cooking skills on your loved one and your budget really is tight why not be an old romantic and share a bag of chips under a moon-lit sky (WARNING – not recommended in the rain).  

However, if like myself you prefer to be snuggled up in the warm, why not check what’s on at your local cinema? A nice romantic film with a shared packet of popcorn is guaranteed to be a hit. Otherwise why not create your own private film viewing? You can buy a cheap dvd from HMV for as little as a fiver and cosy-up together in the comfort of your own bedroom with a bag of microwave popcorn instead. But if you really can’t afford the cinema or the cheap dvd there’s always the record button on your parents’ Sky remote. They’ll appreciate the thought (or never talk to you again). 

With these helpful ideas you’re bound to have a wonderful Valentine’s day without breaking the bank and for those of you without a Valentine, don’t worry there’s always next year and a plentiful supply of Cadbury’s chocolate at hand.


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