Cinema Review – Role Models

Posted on: 11/02/2009

by James Bunyan

Rating:  **

Sean William-Scott, the famed Stiffler, hasn’t actually been in any good movies since the last American Pie, so there was a little hype for this latest comedy, which I was told, probably by a blind deaf guy, that it was great.

It’s not just his normal stint, frustrated teenagers with hot mums, but also exploring a black, racist four year old and a kid who thinks he’s a mystic dwarf mage or something, looked after by a miserable git who everyone hates. And Stiffler, who has sex a couple of times.

It was really disappointing, especially during a month with so many other good films around. The jokes were sometimes funny, but rare because the film faded into a mushy ‘aren’t all kids special?’ theme halfway through. And who wants to pay money to sit through the painful, mirthless 20 minute ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ re-enactment?

Not me. I’d rather go watch the Indian kid win loads of money or those Germans being shot this month.


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