Driving – The First Lesson

Posted on: 11/02/2009

By Isaac Lee


Last week I had my first driving lesson. I am ashamed to admit that to start, I was unbelievably nervous! I don’t really understand why now… but as it was, as I got into the car, the steering wheel gleaming ominously before me, I was just stupidly scared, even though I had really been looking forward to it. So for those of you out there gearing up for your first lesson I’d like to offer some small tips and a little bit of friendly advice.





Ease up!
•   Try to calm down and relax before the lesson.
•   Listen to some music, read a book, do whatever! As long as it stops you thinking about it.
•   I found that the closer the time came for my lesson the more and more I thought about it and the more nervous I became.
Instructor Quality control.
•   Pray to the God of driving that your instructor is a nice fella’!
•   My instructor helped me to relax because he had confidence in me. He trusted me at the wheel almost straight away. He was friendly and the way he assumed that I would be all right made me have more confidence in myself.
It’s all about the timing.
•   Pick a nice time to have your lesson.
•   Not too much free time before, lots after.
•  Make sure there’s plenty of sun and daylight around and that it’s good weather (as best you can).
•   I was silly enough to pick 5.30pm -7pm, by which time it was pitch black. I couldn’t see the gear markings, or the clutch. I found it slightly crazy driving around in the dark not really knowing what was going on… so don’t do it too late.
“Shut up and drive!”
•   Make sure you don’t worry too much about doing everything right.
•   It’s important to enjoy yourself, especially on your first lesson, just have a good time! (Not too much of a good time mind, the instructors car isn’t exactly peanuts!)
•   Your instructor probably won’t be too worried about you not following the exact procedure for everything either, mine wasn’t. He just let me get on with it and do my best. He let me get a feel for the car and get more comfortable with what I was doing.





It’s all in the Detail.
•   Small things make a big difference. Make sure the seat is comfortable and you can reach the clutch.
•   Wear clothes and shoes that you are comfortable in.
•   I didn’t really think about this too much. When I was actually sat in the driver’s seat, however, I began to realise: the seat was too far back, the mirror a tad high, my jeans a bit tight. They weren’t major issues but they were niggling little problems which got annoying.   
So you guys and girls out there trembling at the thought of taking the wheel, worry not! Just have fun. Driving is one of those hurdles in life that you must jump, just take one lesson at a time and coast and take it in first gear! If you’ve just read through this and actually you’re not worried about your first lesson or you’re well past your first lesson… SORRY! This has been a waste of your time, but let’s be considerate to those of us out there (including myself) who might be a little anxious when it comes to zooming around at ‘high speeds’, hey? In fact why not write some tips of your own! And let us know how you managed it!



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