Richard Hammond On the Edge: My Story

Posted on: 11/02/2009

Book review by Sam Hilton

***** star rating 

On September 20, 2006, Richard Hammond was critically injured in a car crash during filming for the car show, ‘Top Gear’. In this book he tells you about his early life up to the crash and his remarkable recovery. His wife, Mindy Hammond contributes greatly, and pieces together Hammond’s recovery. 

This is a heart-wrenching story about his ordeal and his traumatic recovery. Hammond goes into great detail about how he felt, and how difficult and amazing everyday things were to him. Through his emotional portrayal of his experience, you  can really sympathsise with him and are able to understand more about the unexplored difficulties of brain injuries. 

Even though the book focuses greatly on his car crash, you also delve into Hammond’s early life experiences, that made him who he is today. You see how his love of vehicles from an early age has stayed with him throughout his life. 

It was this love of vehicles that led to his terrible crash. During filming for ‘Top Gear’ in a jet car, its offside tyre failed at 288mph, which sent it and Hammond off the track, tumbling the jetcar onto its back. Hammond suffered serious head injuries that sent him into a coma for several days. At this point in the book, his wife, Mindy Hammond steps in to guide us through those anxious days, watching and waiting for him to emerge from his coma.

Throughout her account of what happened, you can really sympathise with her, and what she is going through. 

When Richard steps back into the book, he is dazed and confused, which makes him see the world in a totally new light. During these hard, frustrating, troubling times for Hammond, you can sometimes find yourself crying at the pain and trauma he is suffering! Throughout the whole of his recovery, you really do feel sorry for Hammond because he finds everyday an uphill struggle. 

I think that this book is a really good read. It helps you understand what happened to our well-loved television star and how he has coped and recovered remarkably. After all that he went through you see how he made a triumphant return to our television screens, to a hero’s welcome.  


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great review!! want to read the book myself now!

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