Editor’s note

Posted on: 19/03/2009

By Ben Moncrieffe

I’ve reached a point in my life where things really matter. Often it’s little things that I spend a lot of time thinking about. Underwear for example is a huge dilemma for me.

Calvin Klein’s are an obvious choice. Comfortable and fashionable, but expensive. Then there’s the comfortable, unfashionable but cheap Marks and Spencer’s own. Classy. Also in there are the oddly branded, but amazingly comfortable ones, followed closely by the chic and elegant but bloody uncomfortable Versace boxers. Often I might spend two or three minutes debating what pair would be best. I have on occasion been known to put on a pair, decide that they are a stupid idea put on another, only to realise that the first pair were probably a better choice. Why do I care? What does it matter? I have no idea.
Music is another dilemma. I can scroll through my ITunes for some time contemplating whether it is too camp to listen to the ‘Footloose’ theme tune, or whether Notorious B.I.G is gangster for me. Often I settle for some “chilling” High Contrast or Logistics before I get complaints from the neighbours.
However despite being preoccupied by underwear and music decisions what does matter to me is my University. After filling in one of the most complicated forms known to man on the UCAS site I was confident that I would get some decent offers. Cardiff, Exeter and Southampton got back to me quickly, but I had to wait for what seemed like an age for Bristol and Warwick. Why is it that they keep you waiting for months only to tell you that you have been rejected? Do they not understand the anxiety it causes? The sleepless nights? The tears? Ok maybe not the last two.
This month’s issue features an Interview with Frank Turner, a musician from Winchester who’s beginning to get noticed on Radio 1. We also have a film review of ‘Watchmen’, A Look at the Brits and Oscars, an insight in to who’s wearing what at college and a sideways look at political parties.


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i love the buzz. everyone should

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