Slice the – The Way Forward for Music

Posted on: 19/03/2009

By Ben Moncrieffe
The music industry has almost always been governed by the record labels, Universal, Sony BMG, EMI and Warner Music. They control 70% of the world’s music business and make an absolute mint from it. The idea is that for every album and artist sells, they get a cut, and a big one at that. After all they did invest in the artist to begin with. So you’re sat at home, like a normal student, eating your pot noodle, and making no money from this industry and culture that we are supposed to be immersed in. But what if you could be making money?
Slice the Pie is a brilliant website that allows YOU the consumer, to invest and get a return from an artist. Of course it’s not as big a slice as Universal would take, but the point is they are trying to make it easier for the artists.

You can invest anything from £1 and when your artist has sold 1,000 records, you see a return. With the Music industry currently nose diving, Slice the Pie could become big, very quickly.

Slice the Pie is also a great resource for us as the consumers as well as the industry as there is a reviewing facility. You can go on, create an account and review thousands of artists. Did I mention that they pay you to do this?

This allows you to see who’s popular and who has the greatest chance of making it big. The website has won various awards and just partnered with Bebo to latch on to their huge database of artists. You can also trade your shares in the artists with other investors around the world, almost like a music stock market. 

With more and more artists on the internet, going it alone, it seems stupid to keep going with the “Big Four” when bands like the Arctic Monkey’s can do it by themselves. Their website is an outlet for this and a great idea. Check it out for yourself.

What do you think? Add your comments below.


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