Cervical Cancer

Posted on: 20/03/2009

By Rebecca Coles

Cervical Cancer has been the latest moral panic to take centre stage in our lives since Big Brother celebrity Jade Goody has been diagnosed. Jade Goody 27, mum of two and now wife to Jack Tweed received the bombshell shortly before Christmas. Since she received the terrible news she has been determined to fight the disease but early on into this year of 2009 it was confirmed that she had only months to live.

Since then, Jade has been trying to achieve all her life ambitions in the space of a few months, getting wed to Jack Tweed and having her two boys christened.

Jade had been known to have three cancer scares in the past in which the last one she ignored for to long as she wanted to believe that it would all disappear. However, sadly it didn’t and the cancer spread and Jade now has just days maybe even hours to live.

Jade’s illness has made girls and women all over the UK and other parts of the world go to pieces. The NHS has now pushed for all girls of 18 to have the cervical cancer injection. Also Jade Goody is launching campaigns to pursue girls to get a smear test or the injection. As a result we are now seeing the women who were too scared to go and get a smear test or that had a call back and wouldn’t go, now booking appointments to be seen by their doctor.

So did it really take a dieing celebrity for all of us girls to see sense and use the cervical cancer injection and smear tests to our own advantage? Answer yes. It’s a shame that it’ll take Jade’s life to save other women.  But it’s Jade’s aim now to make us aware that problems like cervical cancer won’t heal overnight and that you must get yourself checked out even if you’re unsure. You shouldn’t be scared, the earlier you get it seen to, the earlier the problem can be solved.

The causes of cervical cancer are known to be mainly down to sexual intercourse. Especially at an early age having numerous partners can enhance the risk . It is important that when having intercourse you MUST use protection. But also by smoking, having a poor diet, or having other infections or diseases can also lead to cervical cancer as it weakens the immune system. 

Another cause is known to be the use of the contraceptive pill, in which roughly more then 10 years, can slightly increase the risk of cervical cancer.

If you are unsure about whether you maybe suffering from it, here are some of the symptoms:

  • Abnormal bleeding e.g. between periods or after intercourse
  • Bad-smelling vaginal discharge
  • Discomfort during intercourse

As much as you may be cringing at the symptoms but if in worry you must go and see your doctor or practice nurse a.s.a.p. And yes, it may be embarrassing but it’s better to be safer then sorry. In which you only have to look at Jade Goody.

So girls, please get your cervical cancer injections or smear tests if you haven’t already been notified by your doctor, as it decreases the risk of you developing it. If you haven’t had a letter from your doctor then call up your local practice and book yourself an appointment. Don’t be scared, be on the safe side.

If you’re looking for more information on the issue this is the website to log on to:            


2 Responses to "Cervical Cancer"

judging by the medical aftershock of Goody’s passing, it sounds like she might have inadvertently made a long-term difference for cancer prevention in the U.K.

Some great advice from Nurse Coles! x

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