Reading Festival Tickets

Posted on: 01/04/2009

By Samantha Hilton


If you had been strolling through Winchester on Monday, March 30, you would have been shocked to find crowds of young people waiting outside the HMV record store. Why you might ask?

They were queuing up for those precious Reading Music Festival Weekend Tickets, which are hard to come by even from a reliable source. During the mid-hours of the morning, a queue started forming outside HMV for the 7pm release time. Many people I know went to HMV straight from college, and queued for a few hours, some were fortunate enough to get tickets. Were you able to get any?


You can also attempt to get tickets from the official Reading Festival website, and the various ticket sites that are linked to it. The most used is, which is completely jammed from 6.30 onwards, half an hour before the line-up and tickets are released. Many people give up after having an evening of pressing ‘try again’ on the web page, but the key thing is don’t give up, try the next day and you might find some extra batches have been released, or are going to be released quite soon.

You can also try on the phone to get through, but again the line is constantly engaged when you try on the first night, but again keep trying. You’re best bet for trying to get tickets is to keep on at the official site, and be patient.

Many go to eBay for the weekend tickets, this should be avoided, the prices are sky-high and you can’t always guarantee that you will definitely get them. There were numerous eBay frauds last year with money taken for non-existent tickets that never arrived. Official prices this year are the best part of £100 for a day ticket, heaven knows what they get to on eBay.


I went to Reading Festival last year, just for a day, Friday, and it was equally difficult to get tickets but by plugging away at it you get results.

The line up for this year looks quite good; Kings of Leon, Kaiser Chiefs, Fall Out Boy, Artic Monkeys, The Prodigy, Radio Head (their first performance at Reading Festival since1994), Bloc Party…and many, many more.

Have you ever been to the Reading Festival? What did you think of it? Was it what you expected? Was there mud? Were the toilets as bad as you expected?

Reading is an amazing festival; you have to go at least once, and it’s only about an hour away. It has a nice ‘village’ atmosphere, particularly away from the main arena and among the side stalls. Last year there was a 10p payback scheme for empty paper cups. Take back 10 and you get £1. Find and take back 100 and that’s £10, so that’s lunch paid for!

If your clothes get soaked then there is an Oxfam stall and an army surplus stall and lots and lots of other merchandise you just cannot get anywhere else. There is even a fun fair that seems to run all day and all night.

Last year I saw loads of good acts, Rage against the Machine, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, The Fratellis, The Wombats, Vampire Weekend, I also saw new bands that I had never heard of before. On the BBC Introducing…. Stage I saw the “Darlings of the Split Screen” (DOTSS). I thought they were really good, and have downloaded some of their songs since.  Check them out!


There are many other festivals out there, but nothing really compares to Reading and the new, old and diverse bands that are on. 

There is also the Leeds Festival that goes hand-in-hand with the Reading Festival, where the bands from Reading are on different days to Reading, but it’s basically the same. I know someone who went to Leeds last year instead of Reading, and thought that it was just as good, but overall a bit “quieter” in the campsite!


I think Reading Festival will be really good this year, just like every year, hopefully the British weather holds!

Last year at Reading

Last year at Reading


2 Responses to "Reading Festival Tickets"

Woooo go reading!! loved it last year!!! little fingers up!!

I think you would love Blissfields festival judging from this article 🙂

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