Dani Birks

Posted on: 15/10/2009

Well, I’m Dani (long version: Danielle). First year at Symonds – love it so far. Taking English Literature, French, Philosophy and Law. 16 years old, or young – what does that even mean? Brown hair, blonde streaks, hazel eyes. Although not a lot of people notice this…seeing as I’m below the eyeline of most. (5ft zero).  Mosly likely to be remembered for: my ability to burn water. Sorely afflicted with Obsessive Music Syndrome, which means I go more than a little crazy whenever I hear a song I like… I’m a total, utter klutz. I cannot go a SINGLE day without injuring myself or someone else. My writing style is fairly unique…I tend to quote obscure authors, slip into other languages and digress…even from my digressions. So..I think that’s enough about me for now. After all – a touch of mystery is a thousand times more alluring, no?


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