Emily Cowan

Posted on: 15/10/2009

Hi, I’m Emily! I’m currently studying Maths, English Literature, Early History and Maths for my AS Levels at Symonds. I’m enjoying the subjects I chose and they all combine to hopefully help me with the direction I would like my future to take; which I would love to be something involving writing, whether it be original, journalistic or otherwise. I have a particular interest for creative writing and I tend to spend a fair amount of my free time writing creatively, I really love it! I enjoy a pretty typical range of past times and interests, being in the company of my friends, music, reading, movies and the best TV programme ever invented; Supernatural! I’m a predominantly quiet person and I would say I’m a caring, trustworthy and understanding friend. Once you get to know me however you’ll probably find I have a lot more to say than first impression gives!


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