Esther Privett

Posted on: 15/10/2009

by Isacc Lee

This is Esther.  She is in the A2 year of Peter Symonds College, studying English Lit, Classics, and Maths; of these she enjoys all of them equally. She is very fashion conscious, for as long as she can remember her aspiration has been to become editor of Vogue. Esther likes acting, she is performing in the ‘Passing out Parade’, and she plays Anne Howard, ‘a pretty public school girl who wears nice clothes and is very small’ (5 ft 4 to be exact). Actually Esther is quite like the character she plays, nice, warm and funny. Aside from this, Esther is a friendly, kind, person who cares a lot about the people closest to her. The flute is another of Esther’s hobbies and she has reached grade 8. Esther swims regularly, not very well, but she still enjoys herself – and she’s very fetching in a swim suit.


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