Michael Goode

Posted on: 15/10/2009

Hello, I am and this is Michael Goode. I was born in Coventry in the year of 1992 and moved to Eastleigh in 2001. I’ve been a life-long vegetarian and aim for five a day although, I’m not a health obsessive. I’d like to be tall dark and handsome, but I barely meet the first two, let alone the third. I enjoy reading books and watching films so I decided to give writing a try; I don’t think it’s been a disaster yet. I’m one of those chaps who’d like to think he can make a difference, so I follow politics quite closely. My subjects are History (which I want to continue studying at university), Law and Economics and I love them all. My earliest memory was helping to put a tin of mushroom soup into my mother’s shopping basket, and really life’s been a wild ride from there on.


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