Rebecca Gardiner

Posted on: 15/10/2009

I’m Rebecca and have 17 years of life experience in the bag.  Born and raised in Winchester, you could say I’m a true ‘wintonian’, but now I’m afraid to say I can’t wait to escape to university! I currently study Biology, Chemistry and Psychology after leaving English Literature at AS level, with the aspiration of studying Medicine at university.  It is the only thing I can imagine doing with my life. I love to travel, seeing the world can do nothing but broaden your horizons and bring you endless memories. I don’t like sports, not that musically talented, but I do have a quirky sense of humour.  I think that makes up for lack of the former. I also think nothing can beat live comedy, music or shows. When captured, they lose the personal connection that makes them so special. So get out there, and grab every opportunity you can.


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