Simon England

Posted on: 15/10/2009

Hi. I’m Simon. This is very relevant to this piece, unlike this sentence, which is not. I would like to point out however that the relevance of certain phrases in this text is entirely irrelevant, and that possibly you may be wasting your time in reading this. Nevertheless, since you persist in pursuing your perusal of this primary project.  I feel inclined to continue; I’m an AS student at the college, studying subjects I hardly dare mention for fear the homework depresses me, that is physics, maths, further maths, chemistry and that computer-ish one. Not to mention General Sitting Around of course. My current aim in life is to get this mini bio to exactly 150 words and although I thought I’d be abbreviating every other word to fit it all in, I find myself surprisingly lacking in inspiration. Obviously I have not researched my subject quite enough. Damn – one over.


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