Dani’s column

Posted on: 21/10/2009

By Dani Birks

Random Word of the Week: bok (Croatian for hello).

 Welcome to my little corner of the magazine. This will most likely be a mix of a blog, stories about college, thoughts on life in general and (hopefully!) a letters page.

Any comments to do with college will most likely be related to mine and other students’ experiences as Lower 6th Symonds students. Letters could be stories, opinions or even problems (just call me Agony Aunt Dani!) Send anything to:

Of my first week at Symonds, only one part really sticks in my mind.

 The rest passed in a massive blur of cramped bus rides, horrifically early mornings – well, horrific after three months of lay-ins, places, faces, names (none of which seemed to match) and the realisation that I am an official short person. Although I still think the midget, tiny, shrimp and hobbit comments are undeserved. Maybe I should look for less abusive friends.

Ahem, digression. The part I remember clearly – why is it that people can always recall bad/embarrassing scenes so vividly? Determined to avoid a late mark in my first week (which, by the way, I managed!). After a long, lazy lunch on the field I practically sprinted from one end of campus to the other. I made it, although the teacher and most of my classmates appeared to have beaten me. And so, I walked into my just-about-full ‘Law’ class, sitting down before I noticed the posters on the walls and Psychology textbooks on the desks. If the girl with blonde hair, glasses, a green shirt and slightly confused expression is reading this: sorry for telling about how “this isn’t Law.” Doubtless you knew that long before I did.

Any other first week horror stories? Leave a comment or drop me an email…


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