The Trouble with UCAS

Posted on: 23/10/2009

By Alice Briggs

Recently, everywhere I walk people seem to be in the same panic as me; Stuck, unwillingly to their computer screens, trying desperately to sum up their lives and greatest achievements in 4,000 characters.

We are selling ourselves to these universities and competing for places. UCAS statistics show that there were 2.2 million applications in 2008 and 456,627 acceptances, so how can we differentiate ourselves from the masses of wannabe undergraduates? As teenagers we are still largely unaware of our true abilities and too embarrassed and insecure to highlight them. And are we really good enough anyway we ask ourselves?

Our chosen AS and A’levels seem to be, in many cases, causing us trouble. We were originally advised, before enrolment at college, to take subjects that we were good at and enjoyed. Now my own AS levels in Performing Arts and Media studies are holding me back – I need core subjects like maths and science, to guarantee me a place on my course.

In any case, at this stage it seems ridiculous to decide on our future career paths when A’levels aren’t even over and the idea of university still seems so daunting. Most of us have had such little life experience at this stage in our lives, and with UCAS and university we seem to be thrown into the deep end.  

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2 Responses to "The Trouble with UCAS"

Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.

This is fantastic. Everything you write is so true, keep writing i look forward to seeing more super articles by you. Thanks Alice Briggs.

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