Christmas- An Excuse to Eat, Drink and…Spend Money

Posted on: 08/12/2009

by Alice Briggs

People think of Christmas as being the most wonderful time of the year: Full of love, joy, peace and prosperity. It is traditionally a Christian holiday, but is now widely celebrated by many non-Christians, as is the celebratory custom… the exchanging of gifts.

It is this factor that contributed to making the Christmas period become such a significant event and a key sales period for retailers and businesses. However many adults approach the holiday with more dread than anticipation as it’s long since become too busy, too expensive and too centered around what we do not need.

Consequently, Christmas has lost most of its charm. As for most, Christmas is a time to let all morals go. They drink heavily, eat excessively and spend enormous amounts of money on seasonal tack. They’re so called ‘Christmas cheer’ is most probably due to the mulled mine, or whisky…not the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

Interestingly the festive season can turn sourer, as the rushing around causes people to get lost in their thoughts, drink and then cause problems leading to the rise in the amount of violent crimes, such as rape and knife crime. Proving we need to remember a few things about the meaning of Christmas, the little and most important things such as sharing and friendship.


2 Responses to "Christmas- An Excuse to Eat, Drink and…Spend Money"

i totally agree

it is a bit pessimistic though

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