What is the best part of Christmas?

Posted on: 15/12/2009

by Sam Hilton

Many may say that the receiving of presents is the best thing about Christmas, but for me it is the whole atmosphere.

 On December 1st the advent calendars come out and we all start gorging ourselves with tins of chocolate, and every Christmas sweet treat under the sun! 

Christmas cards start being written, with the cute little animals in the snow on the front, and don’t you ever feel bad for leaving someone out, and they gave you one? 

Not long after that, the tree goes up, with about five decorations per branch (we have collected quite a few decorations over the years….), the nice, yet tacky, over- the-top Christmas lights go up all over the front of the house, and the front garden. We seem to have acquired a fluorescent reindeer that sits in our front garden, which scares some people when they come to the door……). And my dad, every year, has to try and find the single light bulb that has blown which makes the whole lot fail! Quite a funny sight!

It is usually these ancient musical indoor lights for the tree that we have had about 15 years never work after being in storage for a year, and my dad has to try to tape them up and change nearly all the bulbs to make them eventually glow! Christmas just isn’t Christmas for us without those lights! Also through the hectic un-packing of the lights, someone always seems to stand on a set (smash…..)

The tinsel is added to the tree and, finally after a whole day, the fairy goes on top!

One year we had a very ornate decoration at the top of the tree, it looked very much like a cat. In fact it was the cat, but it didn’t stay there long, it soon came down, along with half the tree and a load of lights and tinsel and other decorations. This was at about midnight, and extreme measures were needed to stop it falling through the window. 

Many people may think the first weekend in December is slightly early for all the Christmas decorations, but after all the hard work, don’t you want to enjoy it while you can? There’s only 12 days of it!


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