David Tennant, the best doctor ever?

Posted on: 23/02/2010

By Samantha Hilton 

This article has been a long time coming, but after the long-awaited Tenth Doctor’s dramatic regeneration on New Year’s Day 2010, we can reflect on Tennant’s time as the famous timelord. Was he really the best doctor yet? Could he beat the other highly ranked doctors?

In my opinion, it’s a definite yes.

This answer is probably quite predictable from me, as those who know me, know how much I adore David Tennant as an actor, but I hope this opinion is shared by many others. 

Tennant was the first Doctor I truly sat down and watched religiously, as I realised after watching the odd episode of the first series, how the good the show was, especially with him as the Tenth Doctor. 

Tennant brought many different things to Doctor Who, and helped make the show the Saturday-night TV hit. This was aided by the amazing stories building up behind him from the wonderful Russell T Davies, which increased the show’s popularity. Tennant showed so much enthusiasm and energy, which made the Doctor such a lovable character for the new generation watching. He can also portray masses of emotion to a character that has been previously shown as a non-emotive, private person. Many episodes have shown this emotion, especially those containing the Doctor’s love interests. (When he turns human and falls in love with the nurse, in the library when he meets his future wife, when he meets Madame de Pompadour, with many others, including the sad goodbye and reunion of Rose Tyler, whom he loved dearly). The last episode starring David Tennant exploited how well he can portray this emotion. Through the episodes the Tenth Doctor showed anger, extreme sadness, helplessness and a glimmer of happiness.

Also in the “Voyage of the Damned” Christmas Special with Kylie Minogue, Tennant showed great emotion throughout, when he lost a potential companion Astrid Peth when she fought to save his life, but through this sadness, he can change to the fighting hero that we all know instantly, which reveals many different aspects of the Doctor’s character that have never been explored before. Tennant’s Doctor gives a lot more depth to the character, which also can help the audience relate to the programme. This was definitely shown in the “Waters of Mars” special which was shown in November last year. Through altering events, the Doctor noticed that he had gone too far this time. He showed true sadness in his eyes as he walked away from the scene of destruction. In the final scenes, he realised what he had done was wrong and knew his time was coming to an end, which brought a tear to this fan’s eyes.

Tennant’s Doctor has shown just how complex the show is, in the way that he treats and responds to each companion. He loved Rose, he was only just getting over the loss of Rose with Martha, so lied to her, and was Donna’s best friend, and was there to support her when she needed him. So for me, the best companion for Tennant’s Doctor was Catherine Tate, as Donna Noble. This was because the Doctor and Donna just went so well together, and Tennant and Tate are just so great when acting together. Both just bounce off each other with such excellence.

Also Tennant adds to this greatness. In every interview he appears to be a happy, pleasant person to be around, and treats all of his fans very well. Tennant is also a self-confessed enormous fan of Doctor Who. Eccleston was only the Doctor for a short while, but seemed less warm and involved in the history of the programme. 

Some people say that Tennant as the Doctor is too over-rated and that he is just as good as anyone else, but Tennant does deserve all the credit he gets because he has enormous talent. You may disagree, but through Who, he has become a global star because of his impressive portrayal of the character. Because of this, Tennant will be moving to California to pursue a career on American TV/film etc. 

He will achieve high commendations from the many other appearances, but Doctor Who was the programme that made him a household name. He does not allow his private life to get tangled up in the media, which has helped him to become an increasingly popular actor.

Overall, Tennant is an amazing actor and will always be for his four-year portrayal of one of the most recognisable characters on TV. He obviously did something right, he’s got so many awards for his brilliant portrayal of the Doctor.

For me, the best Doctor yet. I don’t know if I’ll tune in much in the next series, I don’t know if anyone can live up to the high standards set by Tennant. But I should probably give the next guy a chance! 

What do you think? Was David Tennant the best Doctor yet? Is he just brilliant anyway? Or can’t you stand him? Post your comment below.


4 Responses to "David Tennant, the best doctor ever?"

Well done Sam! Its well written, but I don’t feel it quite demonstrates your true obsession with DT!! It is true, he was a very good Dr Who!

I would have to say that, while Tennant is definitely a very good Doctor Who, it’s not that that has made his career. Anyone who takes any interest in theatre will know that Tennant is and has been a highly accomplished member of the RSC, since before he was anything to do with BBC Cardiff. Aside from that, in television he cut his teeth on series such as Taking Over The Asylum with Ken Stott and the Tales of Para Handy with Gregor Fisher. Both of these were shown in the mid-90s, a full decade before Tennant was approached for his role as the Doctor. So, while Doctor Who might have opened him up to our generation, and helped him make the jump into film, many people will remember him as much from his work with BBC Glasgow as with BBC Cardiff.

Hi Bill! You’re certainly right!!!! I adore him for everything he has done, but I thought I should tone it down a bit for an article, and I decided to write about his Dr Who stint because that is what he is most recognised for!!! You’re right about his theatre work, I saw him in Hamlet 2 years ago, and he was amazing, and I have watched his previous work there (Romeo and Juliet etc..)!!!!

I totally agree david tennant was the best doctor ever and will remain. i respect him for doing such a great job. i hate how he new director calls matt smith the best doctor..he may think so but we dont. i think matt smith is good but will never measure up to david tennant, because the personality is the same as david’s doctor just more dramatic and we have all seen it before. the new director is trying too hard to make his doctor the best. he i learning to run before he can walk.

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