Bearing the burden – University cuts

Posted on: 12/03/2010

by Michael Goode

The total university funding taken from the government will be reduced by nearly £500million pounds this year it has been announced. This is one of many cuts that recently have been unveiled and probably the first wave of cuts which are likely to be more severe after the election.

But as A2 and AS students, we will be the ones who feel the effect. So is this a wise choice in the tough times a recession demands?

The main effect expected to result from the cut apart from a reduction in university research is a lower student intake i.e. less places for those applying and tighter competition.

In 21st century Britain usually a degree is seen as vital to a successful career, so is this lack of opportunity acceptable?

Some feel that university is a privilege not a right, you should only be taken on board if you stand above the other students and thus all have an opportunity but the struggle would intensify, but this denies many people a place that they counted on, especially those who develop later.

It has been argued that we all have to accept a burden from the recession but there has already been a sharp rise in applications and with universities like Cambridge, Newcastle and York all raising their offers (usually by a grade or two) and many more set to follow is this too much? One thing is clear, this policy will have a big effect on our generation, we could be the last of a long line of mass university students.

I suppose in the current climate, despite what many have argued to be short-sightedness on the government’s part, we must deal with this blow to the educational system. But while the politics wages on, our aspirations and the level of work we must put in to secure a place hang in the balance.

What do you think? Have you changed your mind about university? Add your comments below.


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