Five things to do this Easter

Posted on: 24/03/2010

Easter is almost here and so The Buzz contributors have come up with five ideas each of how to spend your spare time. They are sggesting five key things to do or see, or watch. or listen to or visit during this holiday period.

Five soccer matches to watch either live or on tv:
by Nathan Kiley

Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid, Santiago Bernabeu, Sunday 28th March, 8pm
One of the biggest derbies in Spain, as pace-setting big spenders Real Madrid host struggling Ateltico Madrid.

Manchester United v Chelsea, Old Trafford, Saturday April 3rd 2010, 12.45pm
Billed at the start of the season as a title-decider, Manchester United try to claim a decent result against fellow title hopefuls Chelsea.

Barcelona v Arsenal, Nou Camp, Tuesday 6th April 2010, 7.45pm
Two of the most expansive and attractive sides in Europe come head to head to claim a spot in the semi finals of the UEFA Champions League.

Tottenham v Arsenal, White Hart Lane, Saturday 10th April, 12.45pm
One of the fiercest derbies in English football as title hopefuls Arsenal travel to top 4 contenders Tottenham to claim bragging rights as well as points.

Southampton v Charlton, St. Mary’s Stadium, Saturday 10th April, 3.00pm
Title contenders Charlton travel to local side Southampton who themselves are vying for a play-off spot after a resurgence under manager Alan Pardew.

Five things to do over Easter
by Michael Goode

Enjoy the sun (if there is any) and have a day at the beach there are loads but two local ones that come highly recommended are Ryde East (IofW) and any Bournemouth beach like Durley Chine.
Read a good book here are just a few new titles: The Museum of Innocence (love and delusion), Plan for Chaos (sci-fi), Blacklands (crime).
Travel to somewhere new with friends like an unexplored part of London, Bristol, Cardiff, or Oxford.
Catch up with those you haven’t seen in a while.
Revise for the coming turmoil.

Five things to do during the Easter Break
by Jo Isaac

Download the final ‘Delirious?’ charity download… ever!
The band Delirious? are finally concluding their journey in the world of music and breaking up after 16 years of inspirational songs and fantastic performances. But… before they wave a final goodbye there is one last treat in store! One of their most famous and captivating songs ‘History Maker’ will be available for download in an attempt to get Delirious a final UK number one. All money goes to charity, so hurry and buy the song at between March 28 and April 3, 2010 and help Delirious get that number one!

Watch ‘Black Book’s on ‘Dave’
Black Books, the classic British comedy. Introducing Bernard (Dylan Moran), grumpy bookshop owner, Manny (Bill Bailey) Bernard’s highly unappreciated, slightly eccentric yet kind and sensitive assistant, and Fran (Tamsin Greig), Bernard’s oldest and probably only friend. Join them as they go about their peculiar daily lives in London’s worst bookshop. Experience their crazy stories including Manny’s bold runaway, Fran’s unfortunate dates, and Bernard’s drunken house-sitting exploits. New to Dave this is the best way to spend a quiet evening. Every Wednesday at 9.40pm on ‘Dave’.
Dave Channels: Sky 111 | Virgin 128 | Freeview 19 | Dave Ja Vu: Sky 158 | Virgin 129 | Freeview 25

Give up Facebook
Why spend your days wasting away, staring at a computer screen when you could be out exploring the world! In reality nothing is gained from going on Facebook, we chat to friends we see everyday anyway, look at photos of people we don’t even know, and talk to people we have never met before! I have decided that life is too short, and it’s time to do something different! So why not join me in giving up Facebook for the Easter break; try going to the cinema or theatre, reading a book, or meeting your friends for a coffee.

Give someone a smile
A smile can make someone’s day. So when you’re feeling jolly, why not share your happiness and flash someone a smile. But don’t get too enthusiastic… you don’t want to scare them!

Read ‘The Little Book Of Calm’
Are you feeling stressed from a hard term at college? Do you have a mountain of work to do over the holiday? Why not treat yourself to ‘The Little Book Of Calm’. Although small and seemingly insignificant, this book is full of treasures to help you relax. From pretending it’s a Saturday, to looking out for laugher, this book offers a catalogue of helpful hints. So don’t wait till your tearing your hair out, get a copy soon and you’ll never feel stressed again!
Five things to do over Easter
by Catharine Baldwin

Go for a picnic with your friends: 
The weather is starting to look lovely, so why not take a packed lunch and spend an afternoon with your friends in the countryside? Many people are unaware of the wonderful rolling fields just a walking distance from Winchester, which are the perfect place for a picnic. If you have a horse, try something different and go for a picnic ride – or ride your horse to a pub!

Listen to a Beatles album:
Go back through music history this Easter and have a listen to the Beatles – one of the greatest bands of all time – if you’ve never done so before, why not give it a go now? The wonderful 60s tunes combined with John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s lyrical skills can’t be missed.

Spend a day out with Thomas the Tank Engine!
You may have ‘outgrown’ Thomas the Tank Engine, but take a younger sibling or family member along with you as an excuse to visit Thomas and celebrate his 65th anniversary at the Watercress Line, Alresford.

Participate in an Easter Egg Hunt
Whether it’s with your family, friends, or as part of the ‘Winchester Bunny Hop’ (an Easter Egg hunt around the city organised by The Sweet Treat Company and Winchester City Council) – an Easter Egg hunt is a must. Go to to find out more about the ‘Winchester Bunny Hop’.

Do something to help someone out
During the Easter holidays you’ll have two whole weeks in which you can do something worthwhile to help someone out. Why not offer a helping hand at your local charity shop, old people’s home, walk your neighbours’ dogs, or even just help your parents out with the household chores and give them a break over Easter!

 Five things to do over Easter
by Victoria Rick

Catch up with some good friends: have a picnic, chat over a coffee or go for walks… spend some time with the people you love.

Read a book: I am gripped now to the ‘The Lovely Bones’ by Alice Sebold. Well worth a read if you haven’t already. If not then ‘The Host’ by Stephenie Meyer (author of the Twilight series) has been said to be a very absorbing book.

Watch a film: Tim Burton’s modern take on the classic story ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is appearing in cinemas with the option of watching it in 3D. Don’t miss out on this crazy escapade.

Buy a new summer wardrobe: Now the sun has returned it’s time to hit the high street. This year it’s all about bright colours, sportswear and excessive accessorising. Get creative.

Watch a sunset: A slightly random suggestion I know, but a lovely thing to do. Take a blanket, some friends and some snacks with you to a scenic countryside venue late afternoon on a mild day for a peaceful evening. If you are able to you could light a campfire, and don’t forget your camera.

Five Films/DVDs to watch

 by Emma Horswell

My Sister’s Keeper: This film was recommended to me by my sister. It is a tear- jerking film about a family who find out their young daughter is suffering from leukaemia. The family try desperately to save her.

The Boat the Rocked: Set on a pirate radio boat – an ensemble comedy in which romance takes place between the young people of the ‘60s and pop music.

Valentine’s Day: A romantic, heart-warming film following inter-twining storylines of a group of Los Angelinos as they celebrate Valentine’s Day. A film that isn’t as predictable as it sounds. 

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas: Set in WWII a naïve eight year old boy, the son of a German Commanding officer, explores with unexpected consequences.  

The Bounty Hunter: The bounty hunter is set the challenge of catching his own ex-wife (Jennifer Anniston.) They find themselves on a run-for-their-lives adventure.

What do you think of the ideas? Do you have any suggestions? Add your comments below.


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