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The Love Magazine cover

By Esther Privett

Love Magazine is the British bi-annual magazine launched at the beginning of last year. Its first cover was controversial for a fashion magazine; it pictured the Gossip singer, Beth Ditto, naked.  Katie Grand, the editor, obviously wanted to make a statement. And for this month’s issue she has done it again. Read the rest of this entry »


by Isaac Lee

What is perfection? A size 0 model? Or a someone off of the cover of ‘men’s health magazine’? Or perhaps it’s the fat (fictional) receptionist sitting at the front desk at work? Or the obese kid leaving McDonalds? Read the rest of this entry »

by Alice Tofts

Is it just me or does everyone around college look like they are wearing their grandmother’s wardrobe? I bet if you walked down Eastbourne High Street, which is bustling with retired people, you could easily mistake it for the scene of students walking to lessons at Symonds. Read the rest of this entry »

by Esther Privett

In the words of Coco Chanel, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” The Victoria and Albert Museum fashion exhibition, as well as being free, is both of these things. Read the rest of this entry »

By Rosie Wilson

As the newspapers remind us daily, Britain is in the grip of a recession.  While there are important problems to be solved regarding unemployment and the state of the economy, there is one matter that has not enjoyed nearly as much coverage. What to wear? Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Becky Coles

Fashion fashion and more fashion… yes the largest fashion and beauty event in the world returns.

Clothes Show Live was back for yet another Christmas and another great show and shopping experience. With bargains that you can’t go wrong with and celebrities enough to make you scream!

The Clothes Show Live takes place every year around Christmas and this year it was held from December 5th – 10th at Birmingham’s NEC. I attended on the last day, which in my eyes, is the best day to go with prices of beauty, gadgets and clothes cut to the max. So you can make the most of your money especially during this credit crunch.

The show takes place in one of the NEC’s huge halls and I when I say huge I mean the size of a football stadium, when I’m thinking maybe more Man United size. The hall is full with different stalls and labelled zones purple, pink, red, black and blue.

The purple zone offers a unique mix of styles of sports, streets, and chic streetwear. The pink beauty zone is the place to pamper yourself with teeth whitening and nail extensions.  The red zone was for the more eccentric and one of a kind brands. The black zone was for the best of glamour and how to create your perfect look, mostly to do with hair and introducing some of the top celebrity stylists and their teams; Sam Bright, Michael Barnes, Tara Smith and Errol Douglas! And finally the blue zone aka the vintage zone packed with pieces you wouldn’t find anywhere else…also with the Maybelline New York Image Catwalk with designs from final year students.

I’d describe the clothes show in one word as amazing. Ideally you should get to the NEC early, roughly 10-11am so you can get the best buys before or after the fashion show. You need to have enough time to go to every zone back to front not missing out on a thing.

By going with the college also you save so much money you don’t even realize! If you were to go off your own back it would easily cost you £100 with travel and the cost of the ticket. Not including actual shopping and lunch! But with the college, the tickets and travel cost £32! Yeah that’s what I call a bargain.

With everything going on at once you will never be bored, as fashion shows around the clothes stalls happen every half hour, also with DJs around pumping out the latest soundtracks of 2008. It’s really such an experience and really gets you in the mood for Christmas.

The choice of food is unbelievable with so many bars and restaurants such as Weatherspoons, Subway, burger vans etc. This really is such an experience.

I picked up so many bargains, including two dresses for just £20 and nothing that you find at your local shopping centre either. Also I purchased a Baby Phat bag for just £15, yess with all the labels and tags.

And I haven’t even got to the best part yet, the actual Fashion Show itself placed in a 6,500 fashion theatre. You have never seen anything like it, such a breath-taking experience.

The show kicked off with presenter Marvyn Williams from shipwrecked island! The show was immense with the hottest winter fashion from high street to designer. With models strutting their stuff up the catwalk, we were only to be more surprised from the dance routines with the girls in their killer heels and the men with their six packs out ! Not to be missed!

Thomas Cox (Peter Symonds College) said with a huge grin on his face: “I thought it was really fun and a good experience, I enjoyed the exhibition although I didn’t think the fashion show was as good as it was last year. I bought a bag, a belt and a t-shirt and also got to see lots of demonstrations for beauty products like the teeth whitening stall” 

Melissa McManus (Basingstoke College of Technology) said: “It was my first time. It was recommended by a friend, and I can’t say how much I enjoyed it, the shopping was immense and the show I thought was amazing! All the men models with their tops off! It’s something not to be missed next year!” 

If you attended with the college or outside the college leave a comment and tell us what you thought of the show… 

Review of Fashion Show 

Venue: Peter Symonds College, Performing Arts Theatre

November 20, 2008.

Rating: **** 

Written by Isaac Lee

I was impressed by the effectiveness of Symonds’ multi-cultural show in demonstrating the different traditions and ethnicities here. A very colourful show was put on, quite unexpected was the participation of two girls of African origin and traditional African dress. I found this a neat touch which added flavour to the show. Overall the show achieved its aim of highlighting the diversity at the college.  

The fashion show kick started with some more contemporary dress, some pieces you might see out and about on a Friday night, not too extravagant but still quite showy. We also saw some traditional Chinese dresses and traditional Indian and Bengali costumes. These seemed to be the showpiece, with several of varying colours and styles coming in quick succession. One which really caught the eye was Mo’s black robes and white scarf, proving once again that simplicity can win a lot of votes. Another particularly nice item was a purple traditional Chinese gown, quite a number if you’re looking to impress at a more formal occasion.

And in the middle of the show we saw two African dresses, complete with water pots. So if anyone is heading off to the African continent and needs some summer clothing – look no further. Very different from everything else on offer I am still struggling to decide their merit, not being an expert on African dress. It was, none-the-less a colourful addition and a counter balance to the large amount of Asian outfits.  
On the whole a successful show, and there were some very nice items. Although it lacked a professional feel that was probably to its advantage as it highlighted more the togetherness in Symonds, despite difference in skin colour, culture and belief. The show was carried through by the character of the clothing and the models’ willingness to get out there and show off ‘themselves’.

Because in many cases the costumes come part and parcel with a religious persuasion, all this is part of what makes each person different. This was perhaps the finale of Diversity Week, and it was a fitting end. 

Did you see the show? What did you think about it? Do you agree with Isaac? Add your comments below.

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