This is a list of contributors to the magazine in January 2010. You can also find each person under the category list of contributors.

Jo Isaac

My name is Jo Isaac, I’m a lower 6th student at Peter Symonds studying Spanish, photography, and psychology. I’m loving Symonds and all my subjects but I have no idea what I want to do afterwards. I’m interested in other cultures and went travelling for five months after year 11 which was fantastic and I really want to do it again. I’m interested in comedy, music (especially The Beatles) and films. I love live comedy, music and theatre. I enjoy writing and am looking forward to writing for this magazine, although I’m not sure how it will work out as I have never written for one before. I don’t have anything else to say… but I hope you can enjoy my writing.

Nathan Kiley

Hi, I’m Nathan and I was born in London on 14th September 1992. I am studying English Literature, English Language, Film Studies and Media Studies. I would like to have a career in football journalism because I enjoy writing and I am very interested in football. I support Chelsea and have done so for over 10 years. I have recently joined a six-a-side football team named ‘Sporting Slough’ with a group of friends. It is a great opportunity to play the sport that I love and meet new people. I also enjoy listening to music and my favourite artist now is Eminem. I also make my own music with my older brother and have done so for several years. I now live in Winchester. I am quite tall, have dark blonde hair and brown eyes. I am in my first year at Peter Symonds and am enjoying my time.

David Adams

 Hi, I’m David and I was born in Winchester on 9th May 1992. I’m taking English Lit, History and Business Studies for my A’levels; I’d like to carry on with history at university. I live in Andover, I’m quite tall and I’ve got long hair for a guy. I support Tottenham Hotspur, and regularly got to White Hart Lane to see them play. Reading is good and I also really enjoy playing guitar, therefore music is a big part of my life. I still don’t really know what I want to do later on in life, but I think journalism could be an option for me. I’d like to think that I come across as a nice person, and that I get on with a lot of people. So I only have one more thing to say and that is: Come on you Spurs!  

 Catharine Baldwin

Hi, my name’s Catharine and I’m an Upper 6th student studying Spanish, Media, Art, and AS French. I hope to have a career in journalism one day, as I love to write, but for now I’m just focusing on getting to university, hopefully to study Spanish (and perhaps another language as well, maybe Russian). As you can probably tell, languages are one of my passions, the other is horse riding – I’ve been riding for 10 years and currently share a cute little Welsh Section D pony called Sian. Other interests of mine include eating chocolate, eating cake, eating chocolate cake…, and the comedian Simon Amstell.  Interesting facts about me?  I’m a vegetarian (have been my whole life!), a ‘3rd generation Symondian’ (that’s three generations of my family attending Peter Symonds), and I love music from the 60s – my favourites including the Beatles (obviously), the Kinks and the Beach Boys.

 Dani Birks

Well, I’m Dani (long version: Danielle). First year at Symonds – love it so far. Taking English Literature, French, Philosophy and Law.  16 years old, or young – what does that even mean? Brown hair, blonde streaks, hazel eyes.  Although not a lot of people notice this…seeing as I’m below the eyeline of most. (5ft zero).  Mosly likely to be remembered for: my ability to burn water.  Sorely afflicted with Obsessive Music Syndrome, which means I go more than a little crazy whenever I hear a song I like… I’m a total, utter klutz. I cannot go a SINGLE day without injuring myself or someone else.  My writing style is fairly unique…I tend to quote obscure authors, slip into other languages and digress…even from my digressions.  So..I think that’s enough about me for now. After all – a touch of mystery is a thousand times more alluring, no?

Alice Briggs

Hey I’m Alice! I am so excited to be writing for The Buzz; finally my thoughts get a chance to be published! Being a journalist is all I can really see myself doing…I love the variety it offers and to be able to live vicariously through the people I will interview. To have the opportunity to uncover the truth of a matter and share it with the world seems, to me, an amazing skill to be able to conceive.  To help achieve this dream I did some work experience over the summer at two magazines, where I got the opportunity to interview and write articles. I hope to study multimedia journalism at Bournemouth University next year. Currently I am in my second year at Symonds College studying Media, English literature and language and performing arts.  

 Ellie Caldwell

Hi…I’m Eleanor but known as Ellie to everyone else. I’m studying AS English Lit, Business Studies, Media and French. I’m 16 and went to Kings’. My hobbies include swimming and at the moment I am a trainee swimming instructor and I also go horse riding, I would also say that when I get the chance I love to have a good old gossip even if that means while studying. I would probably say I am a E4 o’holic as I love Friends, One Tree Hill and Privileged. I’m hoping to go to university and study journalism.  Well I won’t bore you anymore… so have fun reading the magazine.

Emily Cowan

Hi, I’m Emily! I’m currently studying Maths, English Literature, Early History and Maths for my AS Levels at Symonds. I’m enjoying the subjects I chose and they all combine to hopefully help me with the direction I would like my future to take; which I would love to be something involving writing, whether it be original, journalistic or otherwise. I have a particular interest for creative writing and I tend to spend a fair amount of my free time writing creatively, I really love it! I enjoy a pretty typical range of past times and interests, being in the company of my friends, music, reading, movies and the best TV programme ever invented; Supernatural! I’m a predominantly quiet person and I would say I’m a caring, trustworthy and understanding friend. Once you get to know me however you’ll probably find I have a lot more to say than first impression gives!

Kirstie Dyke

Hey there, I’m Kirstie. I’m 17 and I live near Eastleigh. I’m in my A2 year at Peter Symonds, studying English Language, Sociology and Geography, which will hopefully lead on to me studying English Language and Linguistics at University – once I’ve been travelling on my gap year that is! I’ve always been intrigued by other cultures and countries so I’m taking my chance to see the world and clear my head at the same time, hopefully in time to prepare me for university. Apart from that, there are no big plans for a high flying career as yet, although I wouldn’t turn down a position at the office of a monthly glossy magazine (which I spend way too much money on already!) This is my first time writing for the magazine.

Simon England

Hi. I’m Simon. This is very relevant to this piece, unlike this sentence, which is not. I would like to point out however that the relevance of certain phrases in this text is entirely irrelevant, and that possibly you may be wasting your time in reading this. Nevertheless, since you persist in pursuing your perusal of this primary project.  I feel inclined to continue; I’m an AS student at the college, studying subjects I hardly dare mention for fear the homework depresses me, that is physics, maths, further maths, chemistry and that computer-ish one. Not to mention General Sitting Around of course. My current aim in life is to get this mini bio to exactly 150 words and although I thought I’d be abbreviating every other word to fit it all in, I find myself surprisingly lacking in inspiration. Obviously I have not researched my subject quite enough. Damn – one over.

 Rebecca Gardiner

I’m Rebecca and have 17 years of life experience in the bag.  Born and raised in Winchester, you could say I’m a true ‘wintonian’, but now I’m afraid to say I can’t wait to escape to university! I currently study Biology, Chemistry and Psychology after leaving English Literature at AS level, with the aspiration of studying Medicine at university.  It is the only thing I can imagine doing with my life. I love to travel, seeing the world can do nothing but broaden your horizons and bring you endless memories. I don’t like sports, not that musically talented, but I do have a quirky sense of humour.  I think that makes up for lack of the former. I also think nothing can beat live comedy, music or shows. When captured, they lose the personal connection that makes them so special. So get out there, and grab every opportunity you can.  

Michael Goode

Hello, I am and this is Michael Goode. I was born in Coventry in the year of 1992 and moved to Eastleigh in 2001. I’ve been a life-long vegetarian and aim for five a day although, I’m not a health obsessive. I’d like to be tall dark and handsome, but I barely meet the first two, let alone the third.  I enjoy reading books and watching films so I decided to give writing a try; I don’t think it’s been a disaster yet. I’m one of those chaps who’d like to think he can make a difference, so I follow politics quite closely. My subjects are History (which I want to continue studying at university), Law and Economics and I love them all. My earliest memory was helping to put a tin of mushroom soup into my mother’s shopping basket, and really life’s been a wild ride from there on.

Sam Hilton

Hi, my name is Samantha Hilton. I am 17.  I am in Upper-Sixth. I am taking History (Late), English Lit/Lang, and Psychology. I dropped Chemistry after AS level. My hobbies are dancing, modern and tap, and I have taken part in many dance shows. Another hobby is playing the piano. I’m on Grade 5 now. I have also achieved the bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award (it was really hard work!) and I am now working towards my silver. I love writing my own material, which is why I joined the college magazine. I am hoping to do a joint degree with English and History, or maybe History and Psychology! After University I would like to become a journalist. The famous person that I like is David Tennant. I saw him in Hamlet in November 2008.  Hope you enjoy reading the magazine.

Frances Koehler

Hello. My name is Frances Koehler, but most people know me as Frankie. I am 16 years old and currently studying English Language and Literature, Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy at AS. My interests are reading, writing and talking aimlessly. I’ve constantly been told by others that I live in my own world and that I’m always in a daydream. I enjoy creating new, unique ways of seeing things and ideas to make them more interesting. I would say that I am an enthusiastic person and I always try to help my friends out with their problems, helping them to figure out what is the best solution for them. I would also say I’m passionate when it comes down to certain issues around the globe on which I have a strong opinion. So I enjoy writing about a variety of topics from the heavier stuff to the more light-hearted stuff.

Isaac Lee  by Esther Privett

Isaac is 18 and in the Upper Sixth. He is 5ft 8ins with black hair and brown eyes. Isaac is always smiling and laughing; even when there is nothing funny going on. This is an endearing feature which makes him easy to talk to and really friendly.  At college he seems to know everybody and is always waving and saying a cheery hello. Isaac is very talented at his college subjects, History, Law, and English, but this does not get in the way of all his other hobbies. He plays football and tennis and has an eager interest in journalism; last year he was also involved in The Buzz student magazine. I think he would make an extremely good journalist because he is inquisitive, thoughtful, and engaging. All these qualities give Isaac a charm which resonates in the way he talks, writes, and interacts with others.

Jamie Leighton

Jamie Leighton is a happy and enthusiastic person who, although he isn’t the smartest is aiming high. He’s currently taking English Literature and Language, Media Studies, ICT and Law. He used to dream about being a Premiership footballer, then realised he was no good, after that he decided he was going to be a Pro-Playstation Player, then he realised that there’s no such thing. At the moment he thinks he would like to go in to journalism, but who knows how that might change. He can make conversation with anyone or anything, which can be pretty irritating but really, deep down he is a truly lovely boy and the chances are your parents will love him and who can blame them?

Esther Privett by Isaac Lee

This is Esther.  She is in the A2 year of Peter Symonds College, studying English Lit, Classics, and Maths; of these she enjoys all of them equally. She is very fashion conscious, for as long as she can remember her aspiration has been to become editor of Vogue. Esther likes acting, she is performing in the ‘Passing out Parade’, and she plays Anne Howard, ‘a pretty public school girl who wears nice clothes and is very small’ (5 ft 4 to be exact). Actually Esther is quite like the character she plays, nice, warm and funny. Aside from this, Esther is a friendly, kind, person who cares a lot about the people closest to her. The flute is another of Esther’s hobbies and she has reached grade 8. Esther swims regularly, not very well, but she still enjoys herself – and she’s very fetching in a swim suit.

Matt Turner

Hey, my name’s Matthew but I much prefer Matt. I’m 16 and from Bishopstoke (next to Eastleigh).  At Symonds I’m studying English Language, English Literature, Philosophy and Law, hoping to go into a media related journalism course at Winchester Uni. English is my favourite subject (as you may guess). My interests at the moment are shopping, gaming, music, reading and poetry. I was a huge fan of sport having played for my school rugby team, but after damaging my knee I’m not allowed to play sport anymore! My biggest interest however is music, writing songs or just chilling listening to some is what usually fills up my time. I’d like to say I’m a modest person who’s fun to be around, but really it’s up to anyone that knows me to decide. I hope you enjoy reading the magazine anyhow, thanks for reading, adiós amigo/a.

This is a list of contributors to the magazine in 2008.

James Bunyan, Rebecca Coles, Jack Dunford, Emma Ede, Sam Hilton, Justine Kharbanda, Adam Knowles, Isaac Lee, Laura Macri, Ben Moncrieffe, Will Turner, Emma Waller, and Rosie Wilson.

If you click the categories drop down menu you will be able to read a short biography about them.


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