This website is an e-magazine written by students of Peter Symonds’ College, Winchester, UK. If you click on the categories section at the right you will see it is divided up into various topic headings, such as contributors, news, reviews etc. This will help you find items of interest to you more quickly than scrolling through every article.

It was started in 2008 and has been revived again in October 2009. A list of new contributors has been added, and there will be a regular update of new articles appearing on the home page as the college year progresses. Anyone is welcome to add a comment to the articles.

The final issue by the 2008 students featured an Interview with Frank Turner, a musician from Winchester who’s beginning to get noticed on Radio 1. We also had a film review of ‘Watchmen’, A Look at the Brits and Oscars, an insight in to who’s wearing what at college and a sideways look at political parties.


Mina - See the article Symonds Style by Rosie Wilson

You can also view the latest postings, or click on a date in the archive section.


2 Responses to "About"

hey guys just reading through this as you do on a thursday night when you have a load of unfinished Blake work to do and your loosing the will to live… and thought you guys have done a really good job! a lot of it made me ‘laugh out loud’ properly – and in the really sense rather than the ‘lol’ that is interjected after every other word nowadays… especially Bunyan’s interview do’s and don’ts – bloody funny!

anyway just thought i would give you some positive feedback!

claudia :o)

Cor blimey! The student magazine has changed well loads! I used to write for the old one – which was called Converse – last year. I’m really glad that it has carried on and the site looks decent too.


Robbie Masters

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